Who is

Behind the HEC – High End Coating innovation stands Matthias Koch, master painter and inventor.

With over 35 years of experience as the CEO of SLK Oberflächentechnik, he has gained experience in coating, pre-treatments and most importantly on how to overcome different challenges of the industry. http://www.high-end-coating.com.

Through years of hard work and tests, Matthias Koch was able to find prominent partners and investors – with the establishment of the technical centre in Allendorf/Eder (Germany) the HEC GmbH was founded. 

Here, excellent results were achieved for partner companies from various industries.The tests were mainly conducted for corrosion, condensation, hydrolyse, and steam jet.

Working with industrial corporations, especially the automotive sector, several common requirements during the coating process were identified: Corrosion resistance, high adhesion, and reduction of costs.