HEC-F replaces existing pre-treatment processes. The high-vacuum process enables the substrates to be cleaned, regardless of their geometry.

This cleaning process causes minimal cost for waste disposal. The usual pre-treatment methods such as Power Wash, flame,  passivate or phosphate metallic surfaces are being replaced.

During the high-vacuum process, polymer layers are activated, which cause an extremely high surface tension and a high protection against corrosion. Not only are the polymer layers on the open areas but they are also in all small spaces and sharp edges. It results in a no edge construction and no edge alignment.

HEC-pre-treatment is antistatic, no cleanroom conditions are necessary. Even substrates with poor adherent surfaces, such as polypropylene (PP) Material, can be coated. It is even possible to manipulate the conductivity of plastic materials in a way to enable an application with e-statics.

The HEC pre-treated substrates can be applied to almost all paint systems.

The estimated quantity of paint savings is 50%.

HEC-Function can be integrated in existing industrial paint processes, such as the painting of anodized products and piano lacquer for the automotive industry.

ADVANTAGE: Significantly lower process costs

  • The left sample is pre-treated with HEC-Function
  • The right sample was only treated through the high-vacuum procedure.
  • The quantity of paint is the same on both samples
  • Low scrap: Due to HEC-F the scrap reduces significantly

Result: The left sample shows an extremely high opacity and brilliance.

  • Significant lower process costs.
  • No extra pre-treatment necessary:
  • Plastics: flame, Power Wash etc.
  • Metal: passivate, phosphate, pickle etc.
  • Significantly less paint material due to the very high surface tension
  • No clean-room conditions necessary due to the antistatic surface
  • No painting robots:
  • In most cases normal surface spraying machines are  sufficient
  • Perfect protection against corrosion:
  • In combination with the HEC-F
  • Significantly lower scrap rate
  • No electro chemical damages:
  • Very little edge construction, no edge alignment

HEC Drip Test

HEC Paint Process